Allambi Lifestyle Sports Park

Design Team

CKDS, Northrop Consulting Engineers


Warners Bay, NSW


Allambi Care

Landscapes of play
Landscapes of play
Landscapes of play

Allambi Lifestyle Sports Park is a rehabilitated industrial space that promotes community connections, lifestyle and wellbeing.

The overall design strategy is the result of close collaboration with CKDS and embraces the existing industrial aesthetic of the site, which is made up of 3 lots with 5 existing industrial sheds and an administrative building. By working with the variations in levels and utilising all spaces between the existing buildings, the site is used in its entirety to inform the design. The buildings and the spaces that connect them are reimagined to accommodate a myriad of sporting activities, whilst creating flexible, sustainable and accessible spaces. 

The landscape masterplan facilitates activated outdoor spaces and connecting path networks. The main boulevard underpins the circulation and wayfinding throughout the sports park and is punctuated by an avenue of proposed ficus benjamina trees which also aid in reducing the bulk and scale of the existing buildings. A dramatic awning of circular solar panels shelters the main entry and ticketing area from the sun whilst harvesting and reinvesting energy into the grid.

Large sections of the existing building walls are proposed to be opened up to allow cross ventilation, and blur the division between inside and outside. An extensive network of rainwater tanks collect run off from each building for reuse throughout the site. Outdoor breakout areas branch from the main boulevard creating engaging spaces for rest, play, education, team building or alfresco dining. Every space can be adapted and utilised to complement the activities taking place inside the buildings. 

The raw industrial aesthetic is maintained across the site through the use of bold signage and wayfinding, robust materials and large, open and flexible spaces which can accommodate professional level sporting facilities such as skate parks, surf pool, basketball courts, ninja parc, and more. 

The development will provide the Lake Macquarie community with a vibrant, activated sporting facility with opportunities for all ages to engage and play.

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